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Plenty more singles are out there trying to net that special someone but many dating apps just bombarde you with every single that checks out your profile. Here at Plenty More Fish we offer incredible search tools that allow you to browse our ocean of singles by age, build, hair colour, interests, chracteristics and so much more so you can really filter down and only see matches that float your boat! We want you to view pics but also read profiles and diary entries too so you can really get to know someone and find your perfect match!

plenty fish

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Meet Plenty More Singles Online!

Plenty More Fish was created nearly 20 years ago in order to help members navigate their way around an ocean of singles to find the catch that is right for them!

If you're bored of fishing for singles in bars, restaurants or classes then Plenty More Fish is the official online dating site for you! We work tirelessly to make it easier for people to connect in the modern World where it is becoming harder to meet singles out and about and the right singleton for you too! We give you the metaphorical rod in the form of our search tools to ensure that when you cast out to the pond you only reel in a catch that suits you! Plenty More Fish can help you fish for singles that tick all the right boxes! You can completely tailor your search to your own preferences in order to help you discover that special someone among plenty of incredible singles just like you!

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